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Comprised of disciplined thinkers, enthusiasts, optimists, and friends — with some accountants to keep things going

Fox and Jane offer’s Great Hair for All, Driven to empower, innovate, and uplift the modern beauty industry, Billy Canu partnered with Lorean Cairns and created a community experience unlike any other.
This top-performing industry powerhouse focuses on creating an environment that encourages growth and promotes successful careers through coaching, continuous education, and a close-knit support system.
Brooklyn-born and raised just like its Co-Founder, Danielle Peters. Bold, independent, and fiercely talented, Danielle became a household name at several notable Manhattan Salons, such as the sister brand Fox & Jane where Billy Canu and Lorean Cairns partnered with Danielle. Since its inception in 2016, Danielle has created an artisanal-destination salon experience that reinforces an understated and authentic approach to beauty.
Skin Habit offers results-driven Facials delivered in an accessible environment. Billy Canu & Lorean Cairns partnered with Kristy Darrangoue to provide clinical-level Skin Habit treatments to San Diego and beyond. Being the #1 Seller of Image Skincare and Best Facial by Paper Magazine, Skin Habit continues to grow.
Lower East Sides, Maeve in June was founded by Sahar Hissami, Lorean Cairns, and Billy Canu – Named after Sahar’s daughter, who was born in June of 2021. Maeve is an East Coast meets West Coast hair esthetic taking over New York City.